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guest the thomas friedman talking about his news book, "that used to be us. i'll give you a little hint. i won't give away how it ends but it involves selling the moon. first more big news in america's war on terror. >> one of america's most wanteded terrorists is dead. anwar al awlaki was born american. >> this was a c.i.a.-led operation. >> president obama signed an executive capture or kill order. >> two predator drones took out al awlaki. >> jon: yes, we... wait! who? that's one... who is is this guy? >> a 40-year-old was known as the bin laden of the internet. for his use of you-tube to recruit want a be terrorists. in fact, last year you-tube removed several clips of awlaki. >> jon: that's okay. they did remove awlaki's clips but not because of terrorism. what happens what happened was awlaki tried to post videos of our show on you-tube. you know, i'm sorry but you don't (beep) with via come because they will rain hell fire down on you. they are... oh, so there's got to be a sillyier way to boil down awlaki's evil. >> he was kind of like the facebook friend from hell. >> jon: you
-old was known as the bin laden of the internet. for his use of you-tube to recruit want a be terrorists. in fact, last year you-tube removed several clips of awlaki. >> jon: that's okay. they did remove awlaki's clips but not because ofterrorism. what happens what happened was awlaki tried to post videos of our show on you-tube. you know, i'm sorry but you don't (beep) with via come because they will rain hell fire down on you. they are... oh, so there's got to be a sillyier way to boil down awlaki's evil. >> he was kind of like the facebook friend from hell. >> jon: you know, those kind that whenever you would say a family member had passed away he'd like click like. he'd poke your wall with farmville, update spittoon, monkeys. i don't know. my writers tell me those are facebook terms. i don't know. still on compuserve. you know, if he told me at the beginning of the obama presidency that his clearest legacy would involve not closing gitmo or green jobs or manufacturing jobs or any kind of jobs really, but would in fact be his ability to rain targeted death from the sky, i mean, are we even all
up the torch even donald trump dropped six months ago that suggests perhaps none of us have seen the president's real birth certificate. this represents progress. right now he's only six months behind the national conversation. but his n-word family hunting ground was like 150 years behind. so in many ways perry is actually gaining time. normally perry goes birther, no time. >> house majority leader eric cantor was supposed to peek at pen wharton school of business. >> but his office canceled the appearance after learning 300 seats would be open to the public. >> jon: oh, the public. heavens to betsy, well, i never. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. hold on. i'm sorry. sorry. i meant to say you sound like a... seriously you're going to give a speech about income inequality but you cancel it? i guess to eric cantor 300 empty seats feels like this. the poor have been working out. next story. >> so today i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> jon: it's over. find me... (
century weaponry. so tell us, leaders of the republican party, what should we do? >> i'm asking people to come to washington, d.c. by the carload. >> take to the streets with their voices and their votes. >> people are trying to fight to take this country back. >> now is the time! let's go and let your voice be heard. >> fight for your country and the american people. >> we can take this country back! >> jon: ♪ america, (bleep) yeah! ♪ (cheers and applause) i don't know why i always make myself the bass player. (laughter) why wouldn't by lead get star in it's my own air band and yet... (laughter) i mike myself the bass player. it really makes very little sense. what are we talking about? (laughter) yes! republican majority leader eric cantor is right! the people must take to the streets to take this country back! (chanting) >> whose streets? our streets! >> the whole world is watching! >> jon: oh, my god! it's working! (laughter) eric cantor, are you seeing this? the people have been awakened by your battle cry! >> i for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupyin
-minute montage of unequivocal, no, i am not running. interpret that for us, oh great political pundits. >> new jersey governor chris christie appears to leave the door slightly open. >> christie left the door slightly open. >> for himself. >> chris christie has left the door open ever so slightly. >> just a sliver open. he left a little sliver open. >> christie's comments especially are a rorschach test, see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear. >> you hear what you want to hear. everyone else hears, i'm not running. a rorschach test? yeah, yeah, it's a rorschach test. it's a rorschach test. tell me what you see. what do you see? [cheering and applause] was that a butterflyhumping a mongoose? [laughter] he said no. and if i remember from my freshman dorm orientation correctly, no means no! so back up, no, oh, come on, baby, can't we just form an exploratory committee. come on, let me touch your super pac. no chris christie has given you his answer. stop grinding up against him and asking if you can just put the tip in. [cheering and applause] son of a bitch. at least not all pundit
this about anybody else-- tony bennett is going to be joining us ( cheers and applause ) top story tonight, though, democracy! on the lurch. it's the news everybody's talking about. america's great ally and favorite romantic stroll partner, saudi arabia, is holding museuholding municipal s today. today. and the big news from the election, no, no, not the surprising strength of the jeddah city council elections. (laughter) i tried to say that right. it's this bombshell announcement. >> the seismic shift in saudi arabia, king adbullah announced women will now be allowed to vote and run for office. >> jon: yes! ( cheers and applause ) nothing says democracy like a royal decree. ( laughter ) but still today, thursday, september 29, saudi women, participating in municipal elections for the very first time. >> the king said that women could participate in future municipal elections. >> in the next municipal elections in 2015. >> jon: hey, 2011, 2015. what's four years when you're finally getting a chance to vote. >> there are people that are wondering if exactly that means they would precisely
. but ther there are a lot of peoe who use the word loophole to say "let's just raise taxes on people" and that i will not do. i will not raise taxes. >> jon: holy bloop, i think he found a loophole to get around the word loophole. and not only does romney have to disavow his position, as former governor and veteran of two other unsuccessful political campaigns for senate and president also has to disavow his chosen vocation. >> i was wondering what you would tell my class that would make us want to be politicians. >> she would ask me what i would tell her classmates to encourage them to become a politician. and the answer is nothing. don't do it. run. run as far as you can. >> jon: run as far as you can. you see, i'm no good, kid. (laughter) i'm a bad man. you don't want to be like me. (laughter) politics is dirty. actually, romney's just telling those kids not to go into politics because he knows if they did they would be the new republican front-runners. (laughter) see, romney's not a moderate, romney's not a moderate pro-choice wealth redistributing corporate loophole closing care
controls it, she already used previous donations for her family vacation necessities like the 14,000 dollar constitution bus art, $10,000 on logistical trip consulting. $7,000 on lodging and $3200 that want to her parents, chuck and sallie heath for purpose of disbursement correspondence and card mailing. now you may say to yourself, wow, that is [bleep] crazy. but those are the rules that are set up. the only way that the little scheme would be dishonorable or shady is if palin had known all along what her decision was yet continued to dangle her indecision as a lure. to unsuspecting donors. how are you going to prove that. you would have to find someone close to the operation but perhaps too naive to realize she has inadvertently spilled the beans on let's say june 28th. >> do you get the sense that your mom has not made up her mind or do you think she knows and hasn't told us. >> you know, she definitely knows. we talked about it before, but some things just need to stay in the family. (laughter) >> jon: see, that kind of takes the out of the self-less category and puts it in the nigeria
you know any online sites where you can gate hand job and a gently-used futon?" (cheers and applause) "is there any way i can get?" my assumption is they're applauding the hand job and not the futon. (laughter) it was a little different for the president last night as he held a $250 a person fund-raiser at the hollywood house of blues. (cheers and applause) this is the trouble with these hollywood events. (laughter) , there's always a chance mel gibson's going to show up! (cheers and applause) it wasn't me, it was the beaver! listen, how bad can the economy be when a nut can spend $250 just too yell (bleep) to the president. (laughter) unless the president is using his falling poll numbers to fund raise. yeah, for $250, you can yell stuff at him. for $500 you can give him the classic psychohand shake. pleasure to meet you. (bleep). maybe he'll take make which you are for $2,000 holding his fake birth certificate. meanwhile, on the republican side there's been a shakeup in the g.o.p. field as presumed front-runners rick perry and mitt romney lost the florida straw poll by double digit
. reverend al sharpton will be joining us later, but first, last night was the eighth and in no way final republican presidential debate, sponsored by the western republican leadership conference and cnn. >> the west, the mountain majesty of the rockies to the desert sands of the mojave, now with nothing less than america's future at stake, the presidential campaign goes west. >> jon: yes, nothing says american west like the venetian hotel's gondoliers, paddling predebate down the vegas strip's famed river of tears and unsightly discharge. [laughter] welcome, tourists, to the venetian herpes creek. but on to the debate. the whole gang was there except jon huntsman, so who cares. congresswoman michele bachmann, who having apparently untangled the arms of her straitjacket set out to show that even in a tight field no one puts crazy in a corner. >> i was the very first candidate that signed a pledge that said that by a date certain i will build a double-walled fence with an area of security neutrality in between. >> jon: double wall! single wall can't get the job done, but the double wall. m
't apologize for using a combine combination of a fence that might be electified. i'm not walking away from that. [ laughter ] >> jon: he proposes poll sit same way a teenage guy hits a girl. we should make out.i'm just jokk we should make out. [ laughter ] perry's birther embraces the mexican fence bug zapper idea. a pattern is emerging. see if you can spot it. >> i had a mother come up to me. she told me her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter. >> this president has done more to destroy the bonds between israel and the united states than any president in our history. >> it's called the liberty amendment. >> it gets rid of the 16th amendment, the irs. >> people on social security today it's a ponzi scheme. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> if you want to put people in jail start with barney frank and chris dodd. >>ly build a double-walled fence. [ laughter ] >> jon: did you spot the trend amongst the republicans? i'll give you a hint: they are all saying crazy things. [ laughter ] you may say to your sferblg by, jon
name is jon stewart. our guest tonight, judge andrew napolitano will be joining us. a fine man, we're excited to have him on the program. but we begin tonight in the field of presidential politics have. you been following the gop presidential race you know that hit ens romney has been-- mittens romney has been the uncontested front-runner for everyone's second choice. (laughter) >> jon: for the republican nomination. he's the subject of tonight's installment of indecision 2012, scared mittless. (laughter) when polling began a year ago, polling began a year ago for the republican presidential race mitt romney was polling in the low -- and was in second place. and since then so much has changed. >> minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann surging ahead of the 2012 field. >> huckabee leads 19% a romney is trailing, with 18%. >> gallup has perry leading with 29%, mitt romney now second with 17%. >> then governor christie tied for first place with the former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> in the latest cnn poll of republicans romney came in second to rudy giuliani who is not eve
stewart. man, we've got a show for you today. so glad you could join us. we're back, baby. on tonight ellen schultz, the author of the retirement heist which is a great flick. starring jack nicholson. i'm sorry. it's about pension funds maximizing their own profit. it's so far fetched. here's what i think happened. i think the tattoo guy put a hot girl on his leg, right? the tattoo guy (beep) and then you're like screw it. just throw a bobo-fet helmet on it. we'll call it even. that's what i think he did. get a tattoo of boba-fet as a woman. i don't believe that that was the original intent. i believe the original intent was like i love i dream of jeany. why don't you put her on my leg. they (beep) her face. i'll put a helmet on that. obviously we were off last week. so we have a lot to catch up. last we left off i believe rick perry's entrance into the "please don't make us vote for romney" republican race. perry before he ever uttered a word shot to the top of the field. unfortunately running for president does require a good deal of word uttering. which perry's done on four separat
science. >> i investigated l.e.d. material using quantum physics. >> jesus, what have they done to you? i needed to open their eyes. >> i did a simulation of dark matter effects on galaxies. >> you're just a bright-eyed kid stepping off the school bus wanting to know how the universe works. >> yeah. >> who told you this data is true? >> my brain got me this conclusion and these results. >> stop listening to your brain and start listening to your hearts. years from now a video pops up on the internet and you'll break your parents' heart. >> my parents support me. they think science is good. >> pretty soon you're hooked on that grant money, looking for next big score. that's how it works. is that what you want? >> yes. [laughter] >> what? >> yeah. it's taught me a lot. >> what i witnessed was heartbreaking, and sadly whether science is peddling quantum physics or evolution, the corruption of our children happens every day right under our noses. >> it's very confusing for a child to be only taught evolution to, go home to a household where their parents say, well, wait a minute, you know, go
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 67 (some duplicates have been removed)